Thursday, November 7, 2019

It Is A Team Project About Target Example

It Is A Team Project About Target Example It Is A Team Project About Target – Term Paper Example Target Introduction Originally known as Dayton Dry Goods Company, Target Corporation is one of the largest discount retailers in the United States with the company, whose stores are located across the United States, and other nations, offering differentiated products to their consumers. The company’s brand promises relies on providing exceptional products to its customers in an approach that delivers outstanding value, ensures innovation in customer service, and provided exceptional customer experiences whereby the company delivered more products to its customers who paid less (, 2013). Target faces criticisms regarding the company’s policy towards the living wage of their employees and other important employee issues that influence their performance (Bhatnagar, 2005). The failure to implement a policy that provided for a living wage, and another policy that ensured that the company enhanced their employees’ labor participation, are two factors that hi ghlight the poor working conditions that employees at Target face. In effect, it is important to discover the reasons behind the company’s poor working conditions. In this case, it is crucial to use Hertzbergs two factor theory, which identifies the factors that cause job satisfaction in the workplace while also identifying the set of factors that contributed to job dissatisfaction in the workplace (Sapru, 2008). On the other hand, the job characteristics model proposed by Hackman and Oldham (Fried, & Ferris, 1987) will be crucial in identifying how task identification and skills variety contribute to motivation while the model will identify how autonomy, as a motivator, leads to job satisfaction and performance. We propose the following hypothesis: Hypothesis 1: A Target employee’s task identity will be positively related to their work motivation. Hypothesis 2: A target employee’s low feeling of autonomy will have a direct negative relationship with their motiv ation and satisfaction.Hypothesis 3: The poor working conditions provided for target employees with have a direct negative relationship to employee dissatisfaction.Hypothesis 4: Employee’s being given stimulating work and feelings of achievement will lead to job satisfaction.ReferencesBhatnagar, P. (2005). Just call it Teflon Target. Retrieved from Fried, Y., & Ferris, G. R. (1987). The validity of the Job Characteristics Model: A review and meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology, 40(2), 287-322.Sapru, R. K. (2008). Administrative Theories And Management Thought 2nd Ed. New Delhi, India: PHI Learning Pvt. (2013). Mission & Values. Retrieved from

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