Monday, November 4, 2019

Who is to blame Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Who is to blame - Essay Example GMOs are known to increase productivity and this can affect the way people will be able to access the food, both economically and even geographically. In today’s world, food insecurity comes in two folds. First, t has to do with lack of access. A lot of people (about 10% of the total world population) cannot access food because they don’t have food in their geographical location (Young, 2004). This aspect of food security is attributed to logistics that are supposed to help people access food. This happens to people even in the developed world. For instance, in the United States, there are those places which are referred to as food deserts due to the fact that they cannot access food and have to travel far to be able to access the food. GMOs can help to solve the aspect of food insect that is cause by geographical barriers. This is because it GMOs can be produced in region when the normal crops cannot be produced. GMOs are in most cases designed to be draught resistant and pest resistant. Because of this, when a crop is genetically engineered to resist draught and pests, this means that they can be produced when it was once hard to produce them. For instance, the arid and semi arid regions can now be able to produce food using GMOs which are drought resistant. This increases food security both forth actual people who are able involved in producing this food and also for the people who are the end customers such s those living in urban centers. While GMO enthusiasts look at how GMOs will increase food security in the word, those who are against GMOs look on the food safety issues. They believe that GMOs pose a huge threat to food safety. Although food security refers to the availability of food for everyone to cover their daily intake of calories, food safety refers to how consumption friendly food is (Jumba, 2010). While there may be enough food for everybody, it is

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